8 Reasons Why Dental Clinic Businesses Can’t Ignore Messenger Chat Bots

A lot of you may ponder, what on earth is a Messenger Chatbot?

A Messenger Chatbot is simply a software that automates conversations 24 hours a day 7 days a week via Facebook messaging platform . Literally a customer service employee who works nonstop without a salary. How cool is that?

Well, how can it be used for dental clinics?

Well there are plenty of ways and benefits implementing this simple feature. Make sure to read every one of them.

✅ Reason #1  Messenger Chatbot acts as a customer service agent answering these boring repeated queries by your customers.

Questions like what are the services you offer?, what are your pricing?, what’s your contact no?, can you show me the dental team?, Whats your address?

And more repeated and boring questions like these, wastes the time of your receptionists while they can use it for more important works. These inquiries can be dealt by your cool virtual assistant, ” ChatBot”


✅ Reason #2 – Everybody checks Facebook messages 

Why don’t Facebook Pages don’t work for businesses anymore? Well, I don’t scroll my NewsFeed all the way down every day and hence the answer to above. Your posts don’t get read any more. Your new services, promotions and your contents reach less than 36.7% of your page fans. Do you know that? Well, if you don’t, be glad that you know now and act on it!

What if I tell you that you can reach out to every fan any day and at any time for FREE without your messages getting lost. Yes, you can make that happen. But How?

Have you ever ignored messages from Facebook or WhatsApp? Well, I DON’T, and I READ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!  Now, you can build a cool virtual assistant to convey your messages through Facebook Messenger without ever having to pay him a monthly salary. How Cool is that? This is what I call the Messenger Chatbot.

Read more to reap its value and benefits. I’ll be surprised if you don’t use Chatbot for your business right away after reading this article.


✅ Reason #3 – You can now send valuable content via Messenger Chatbot. 

Its crucial to give value to your customers and prospects by providing them daily tips for a healthy teeth life. It can be something like, “ Benefits of brushing teeth twice a day” , and any other content that you wish to provide.

This will increase credibility of your clinic and ensure your prospects turn to you for their dental problems. These content messages can be pushed to all your fans with just one push of a button through Chatbot.

✅ Reason #4 – Book Appointments via Chatbot 

Yes, this is the coolest feature. Do you know that you lose 25% of customers just by making them wait until their phone calls are answered by the receptionist?

This can be resolved by making them book appointments via Messenger Chatbot at any time and any day. And your duty would just be to confirm their bookings. Its just that simple. You won’t regret losing potential patients anymore.  

✅ Reason #5 – Send Appointment reminders

You can now schedule appointment reminders and they receive instant notifications on their Messenger App. And I’ll bet that the reminders will keeping ticking them on their head.

This saves time on the receptionist having to remind every customer everyday. You can cut down a lot of time wastage and phone bills.

✅ Reason #6 – Send Discounts, offers and other new services offered. 

Its close to Hari Raya and you want to inform all your customers or your prospects on your dental offers and promotions or you are planning to offer a new service, these matters can take a lot of time and money to make your customers and prospects aware of this.

But with the messenger Chatbot, its just one push of a button and all your offers and services information are broadcast to all of them. It saves you time and money advertising your new deals

✅ Reason #7 – Build Customer Intimate Relationships

This personalized and intimate communicate channel between your customers and you will be ideal to scale your business and add more trust, value and credibility to your clinic.

✅ Reason #8 – Its Easier to grow your customer list

With the help of scan codes, links and share features of the Chatbot, its easier to share the bot and add more customers into your messenger list (They become your subscribers). This will add onto your leads and nurture them to become your customers.

How does a messenger bot work?

Watch this video where Nafees Nasser CEO at Novate BOS explains how Facebook messenger bot can be used for dental clinics

Automate your customer service processes 247 (1)

Let me explain how this Autoresponse Messenger Chatbot works. Refer to the pictures below while I explain. Note that this is just a sample bot we created for demo purposes. We can make customized bots upon your requests. OK, you ready? Lets begin :

Untitled design (29) (1)

When somebody tries to message your Dental clinic Facebook page through Messenger they will see the “Get Started” button. By clicking on it, they will receive an instant greeting and provide the menu to choose what he wants. It can range from Services, About us, Contact info, Feedback and more.

Let’s say your client clicks on “Services” (refer to right picture above). He will receive a carousel of services your dental clinic provides. He can wish to check the pricing, book appointment or even call you straight away.

Untitled design (30)

Now your client may scroll right the carousel to view other services available as shown above. Let’s say your customer wants to book an appointment for a particular service, he clicks the button ” Book Appointment ” and he receives an instant reply asking for his convenient day. .

Untitled design (31)

And right after he chooses a day, the Chatbot asks for his phone number and email as shown in left above (note: if client keys in wrong number or email, the bot will request to provide the correct information). After getting his personal details, the Chatbot thanks and notifies him that the booking will be confirmed in a few hours. Then your job would just be to confirm your booking via call or through messenger. Its Just that Simple!

If your customer wants to know about your dental clinic he may click on “About us” button as shown in middle above, and he will receive the clinic information. Your client then may personally contact you by clicking on “Contact info” as shown right above and he will receive the contact details including your clinic address.

Untitled design (32)

By clicking on “Dental Team” button , the bot will send a carousel with the dentists information.

If your customer wishes to read or leave feedback, he can do so by clicking on the Feedback button in menu list as shown right above.

This is just a sample bot and it can do much more than this!

Now you should be able to visualize the bot and understand the immense value it can add to your clinic. It transforms your customer service at a new high level. Your customers will be satisfied as it will be much easier, faster and convenient way to reach out to your clinic upon clicks of a button. The best thing is that they receive instantaneous response 24/7 and you don’t have to bother replying them and the bot does everything on your behalf.

We have already created a sample Messenger Chatbot. This is just a demo and can be modified upon your requests.

If you want to test the bot yourself,  click this Dental Clinic bot and you will be directed to Facebook messenger where you can get started communicating with the bot.  Try it and play around with it and let us know if you need this virtual employee.

Automate your customer service processes 247 (1)

If you are interested, let us know and we will help you build this virtual employee customized for your clinic.

We are the only software solution to offer this service in Malaysia. You can contact us below.

Contact us:

Nafees Nasser
Phone: +6011 11995017

Email: nafees@novatebos.com

Skype: Nafees_Nasser

Nursultan Zhamgyrchiev

Phone: +996 550220662

Email: nursultan@novatebos.com

Skype: Nursultan_J_A


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