How Messenger Code lets your clients contact you with a simple scan

How to get the messenger scan code for your page so that you can begin to have intimate and regular relationships with your existing and future patients.

What is a messenger code?

It’s a scannable code that can be scanned using a messenger app and adds the user to messenger list where you can directly communicate with them via private message.

How powerful is that?

Imagine conveying offers, promotions, health tips and your new services directly to a patient and guaranteed to read all your messages. It builds patient engagement and communication that helps to retain your patients for repeated appointments with your clinic.

Where can it be placed?

You can pin it on top of your Facebook page and embed the picture on your homepage. This helps to trap every visitor to your messenger list. You can see the example how some businesses utilize Facebook messenger codes


How do I find the messenger code?

1.     Head over to the Facebook messenger messages.

unnamed (1).png
​2.     Next click on the “i” button.

You will then see a screen that looks like this.

3.     All you do then is simply click “Download”.

4.     The code will then be generated. This is the code you need to add on your website, facebook page and other promotional material you have.

I did address problems dental clinics are currently facing in my previous email. The need of an online booking system. The need of a channel where you can talk to your existing and future patients privately to nurture them to become your customers.

The fall of the Facebook page that your page fans don’t see your posts anymore which means your new services, promotions, offers and health tips are never conveyed to your patients. The need of word of mouth promotion from your existing patients.

What if I tell you one simple solution to all these issues that all our dental clinic clients have seen tremendous positive results from?

Hands down, its gold and guaranteed to give value to your business. Click here to check the post where I tell you more about these solutions.

Let me know if you found this awesome.

Have a nice day!

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