Solutions to Dental Clinic Management Problems

Hello, I am Nafees, the CEO of Novate BOS. We are a digital marketing company that understands the problems our clients are facing to provide an optimum solution in the online space.

However, as analyzed in our fourth quarter report, many of our clients are dental clinics that have addressed several issues with their dental clinic marketing and management practices and we have offered them key strategies. We have pointed out the problems and solutions here. Read them carefully.

Problem – We are spending more money to acquire patients


✅ Solution – Patient retention is more profitable and less expensive than acquiring new patients. The key to this is good and regular patient communication. Start engaging with your patients by providing valuable content.

Problem – We are struggling to convey our range of new services, promotions and offers, health tips through Facebook page

Book appointment (3).png

✅ Solution – Posting content on your Facebook page has become useless and more than 65% of your page fans don’t see your content. Hence, the low likes, comments and shares. The key to this is have them on your Facebook messenger list and broadcast content as private message. Everybody reads it. (P.S Don’t Spam)

Problem- It’s getting difficult to acquire new patients due to increase in competition

✅ Solution- Well, if you have the traditional booking system where a patient must call you to make the booking, that means you have lost the battle with your competitors already. Dental clinics that offer a convenient way to patients to make the booking outside your business hours win. The key to this is to have an online booking system. But when it comes to online booking system, is it convenient within their mobile device. If its an app, its ideal. If its in website, its not as convenient you would expect. 

Book appointment

Well, they had pointed out a lot of problems which will be 2-3 pages long, but I want to tell out the main ones so that you can start acting right now.

Implementing this is hard, but if you try its possible.

Click here to check the blog post for free guide on how you can add patients to your messenger list so that you can have good and quality engagement with your patients that’s never experienced before. You can then post valuable content with a 90% guarantee that all your messages will be read by your patients.

Yes, we want to help you out.

Let me know if you found this awesome.

Have a nice day!

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